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Cuddly elephant night light among the TOP 10

Professional association and expert jury name the night light from the Fehn ‘Good Night’ collection one of the most popular baby and child products of 2022

Image Fehn - Night light elephant - TOP 10

Healthy sleep is very important for babies. At night, children process all of the experiences of the day, and their bodies and minds need time to grow. The natural rhythm of light and dark help the child find their sleeping rhythm. The cuddly elephant night light from Fehn’s ‘Good Night’ collection helps make this transition as gentle as possible. Innovative product features, an adorable design, and high-quality finishing impressed the expert jury, which named the illuminated elephant as one of the “2022 TOP 10 Baby & Child” products, alongside the Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels (BVS - Association of toy retailers).

This means the cozy elephant night light from Fehn's Good Night collection is one of the most innovative and most original products of 2022 available from the baby and infant sector. The prestigious jury from the Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels (BSV), consisting of Martina Baier (myToys), Karsten Pannen (VEDES), Jochen Pohle (EK/servicegroup) and Dr. Jan Weischer (BabyOne), selected the recipients. The experts praised the night light from Fehn with its slumber mode and glow-in-the-dark embroidery that glows gently in the dark as a “true sleeping aid” and “everyday hero.”

With its comforting night light, the cuddly illuminated elephant helps babies fall asleep, and toddlers who wake up at night can switch on the night light themselves by just pushing a button for a feeling of security. Moms can also use the soft night light to help them see for night time nursing or bottles.

Soft night light to hold and cuddle

The unique feature of the night light from Fehn is that it is integrated into an adorable stuffed animal, combining two important functions. On the one hand, it keeps the room from being completely dark, which helps children fall asleep. The stuffed animal is also a sleep aid that helps children feel safe by keeping them company at night. The sleepy elephant lights their way to dreamland, a protective friend that stands by the sleeping child throughout the night as they sleep. The understated colors used in the stuffed animal / night light include light blue, white, and grey with individual color accents, and are gentle and calming. The light element can be removed through the safety zipper, turning the elephant into a normal stuffed animal that can be washed as needed.

Three light colors individually adjustable

To prevent too much light from disrupting normal melatonin secretion, the Fehn night light offers sleep-friendly red, green, and blue color modes, as well as a color changing mode. Thanks to its practical sleep function, the night light switches off automatically after 20 minutes, and the interval can be extended at any time by pressing the button once again.

The night light from Fehn is also a great everyday tool for parents. It helps mothers see at night while nursing, without having to turn on another light.

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