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Fehn history est. 1949
Family tradition -
for over 75 years
Fehn history est. 1949
Family tradition -
for over 75 years

Our History


Fehn celebrates its 75th anniversary!

As a family business, we are proud to celebrate our 75th anniversary this year under the motto 'Family is colourful'. Because we know that family is where love is and where children can grow up feeling accompanied and protected. As a manufacturer of high-quality toys for babies from zero to eighteen months, we rely on an in-house design team, our own production in Sri Lanka with high standards of quality and impressive manufacturing expertise and on products that allow children to learn while playing and discovering the world.

70 years of Fehn: A focus on tradition and quality

Even though Fehn's products, in addition to the company location and management, have changed, the traditional values have been preserved for generations. In 2019 we are already celebrating 70 years of Fehn.

The Fehn family of companies continues to grow

A second production site for Paradise Toys has been opened in Sri Lanka. Since 1995, the current General Manager Neil Fernando has been in charge of the production sites in Sri Lanka and personally ensures that German standards are adhered to and that all materials are safely processed and tested. Dr Achim Fehn, the managing director's brother, joins the family business.

The Fehn brand: Quality toys for babies and young children

The product range was consistently geared towards soft baby toys made from soft materials and fabric in modern, innovative designs with numerous play and learning features. Textile accessories were added later.

Paradise Toys (Pvt) Ltd.

In 1995, Arnold Fehn junior opened the manufacturing company Paradise Toys (Pvt) Ltd. in the Colombo area in Sri Lanka. Paradise Toys manufactured products exclusively for Fehn, and in accordance with German quality standards.

A family company with tradition

Arnold Fehn junior, who joined the company in 1992, assumed management of Fehn GmbH & Co. KG on 13th January 1994. Meanwhile, his father, Arnold Fehn senior, focused on the expansion and management of the steadily growing, company production facility in Sri Lanka.

Establishment of a manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka

The company’s first manufacturing plant was built in Sri Lanka in 1984, and production was gradually expanded. In 1991 the company changed its name to the legal form by which it is known today: Fehn GmbH & Co. KG.

From soft toys to toys for babies

Faced with increasing pressure from imports of cheap soft toys from the Far East, in 1975 the company shifted its focus to baby toys made from velour and fabric.

Like father, like son

Arthur Fehn's son, Arnold Fehn senior, who had joined the company in 1958, took over the management of Fehn & Co. KG on 13th August 1974.

Return to its roots: Back to Rödental

In autumn 1972 the company moved to the brand new company building at its current site in Einberg, Rödental. This is where Fehn & Co. KG enjoyed a highly successful period of growth over the following years.

From dolls and mechanical figures to soft and fabric toys

The Fehn & Co. KG product range underwent a dramatic change in the 1950s. The production of mechanical figures (musicians, juggling clowns, dancing figures, animals and acrobats, artists on a high wire, animals and dolls sitting on vehicles) was rolled out on a large scale. Soft and fabric toys and mounts with a simple carriage then complemented the collection. Mechanical toys and wooden toys gradually disappeared from the product range during the 1960s, and the company concentrated on soft toys.

Relocation and change of the company name to Fehn & Co. KG

After the company moved to the neighbouring town of Dörfles, the partner Liebreich Wolf left the business on 31st December 1954, and the company name was changed to Fehn & Co. KG.

Founding of Fehn, Wolf & Co. KG (FEWO)

On 1st January 1950, Fehn, Wolf & Co. KG (FEWO) was founded with a new partner, Liebreich Wolf and, in addition to dolls, also started manufacturing wooden toys and the first mechanical toys at the new Coburg site.

The launch of the Fehn toy production facility

On 29th July 1949, the business for the production and sale of toys was registered in Oeslau, Rödental. The company initially manufactured clothed dolls out of paper maché and small articulated dolls made of hard paste.
Before 1945

How it all began

Company founder Arthur Fehn worked as managing director at the famous doll manufacturer, Amand Marseille in Sonneberg, until he was drafted into military service. Following his release from captivity after the war, he first started selling a wide range of toys.
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