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Colourful dinosaurs for playing with and cuddling

With the 'Happy Dino' collection, Fehn creates an exciting world with colourful products that stimulate the imagination of babies and develop their motor skills

Image ‚Happy Dino‘ - comforter handpuppet dino

The new 'Happy Dino' collection from the traditional Upper Franconian company, Fehn, is impressive with its love of detail and bold use of colour! The textile highlight of the collection is the super-soft fine corduroy that gives the cheerful and colourful characters a contemporary upgrade. The bright trend colour green, combined with red, yellow and blue accents, runs through the entire new product range. In this new product world, the cute dinosaur, Diego, invites you to embark on some playful adventures with his friend Armando among fiery volcanoes.

The colourful 'Happy Dino' collection by Fehn takes little ones on a journey to prehistoric times. Many amazing discoveries await the young adventurers. The toys crinkle, rattle and squeak, volcanoes spit fire and cute dinosaurs dance happily to gentle melodies. Varied materials such as fine corduroy, terry cloth, soft velour and trendy muslin and diverse play features train fine motor skills, haptics and hearing. The special textile feature of the collection is the bright green fine corduroy that is used in all products. With its fine ribbed structure, it not only sets accents in terms of design, but also invites you to touch and feel. With a high play value, all 'Happy Dino' products provide varied activities and age-appropriate encouragement for children.

Touch, press, explore: A 3D activity quilt stimulates the senses

The softly padded 3D activity quilt consists of strips of fabric in different shades of green and fabric qualities, from fine corduroy to soft velour and stylish printed fabric. Individual 3D play elements, including a volcano, a cloud, a dinosaur or a circular mirror, can be folded up or removed. The mirror can be placed on the ceiling or on the arches using Velcro. The play arch has four detachable play elements, and encourages you to look, grasp and explore.

Dino Diego invites you to play and is comforting as you fall asleep

The cuddly dinosaur, Diego, is the main character in the whole collection. The little green herbivore made of fine corduroy with cheerful dots on the back chews dreamily on two leaves made of fine muslin fabric. Diego is available as a music box, cuddle blanket, activity rattle and cuddly toy night light, among other things. As a night light, it gently illuminates and accompanies the baby into a peaceful sleep and switches off automatically using the snooze function. The special glow-in-the-dark yarn on the leaf glows in the dark. The Dino night light not only eases the process of falling asleep for little ones, but also is also comforting when the baby wakes up at night.

Cuddly comforter hand puppet with many extras

Even the very youngest children can experience the cute dinosaur Diego as a hand puppet, comforter and playmate in one. The comforter hand puppet from the 'Happy Dino' collection promotes the parent-child relationship. Mummy and daddy can tell the most exciting stories with Dino Diego. The hand puppet also has a rattle in its tail and a squeaker in its head. So there’s never a dull moment. The fabric mix of corduroy, muslin, velour and fabric invites you to touch, feel and grasp. The cuddly soft cuddle blanket is wonderful for calming babies and helping them fall asleep.

A range of dinosaur designs

The other products in the 'Happy Dino' collection are just as much fun. At the musical mobile, Diego and his friends dance around the fiery volcano to soft sounds. The colourful grasping ball with a rattle ring fascinates babies with its mix of materials and ensures long hours activity with its diverse play functions.
What is that crinkling, squeaking and reflecting? The little cloth book contains all sorts of things to discover, from volcanoes and dinosaur eggs to the sun and clouds.
And the popular classics such as the activity cube, spiral, music box, griffin, pram chain and cuddly blanket are also characterised by the traditional Fehn attention to detail.

The 'Happy Dino' collection from Fehn comprises a total of 20 different products that stimulate all the child's senses in a playful way and the variety of toys guarantee great play fun for both boys and girls.

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