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Family is colourful!

Fehn celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2024!

Image - Family is colourful - 75 years of Fehn

Fehn sets an example for variety, creativity and cross-generational joy in play. 'Family is colourful', the campaign theme for the 75th anniversary, deliberately celebrates all types of family and the most diverse aspects of family life. 75 years of family business, 75 years of living and working for the very youngest - that is Fehn. The Upper Franconian manufacturer of high-quality toys for babies from zero to eighteen months relies on an in-house team of toy designers, its own production in Sri Lanka with its own defined quality standards and products with which the little ones can learn through play and discover the world.

Medium-sized companies that are passed on from generation to generation are the heart of our market economy. They are characterised by passion, dedication and commitment. These companies are carefully developed and their growth is steady and sustainable. Fehn is such a family business, which is run by the third generation of Arnold Fehn. "We not only see ourselves as one big happy family, but also develop and produce high-quality and lovingly crafted products for happy families". 

FAMILY is colourful - Fehn stands for variety and happiness!

Fehn celebrates all types of family under the title 'Family is colourful'. Because Fehn knows that family is where there is love and children are allowed to grow up in the best possible environment. It doesn't matter whether the family belongs to the classic father-mother-child model, has two fathers or two mothers, lives in a successful patchwork or unites the most diverse nationalities. The diversity of traditions, backgrounds and lifestyles means that every family has its own colour palette. Fehn wants to celebrate this colourfulness and reminds us that the uniqueness of every family is a treasure. Everyone decides for themselves who belongs to the family! Family is colourful!

Most of Fehn's collections are very colourful. Because the manufacturer focuses on colour. With its in-house toy designers, the Upper Franconian company develops products with its very own signature and unique design year after year. A large part of this is the colour palette, which is often colourful and extraordinary in keeping with the spirit of the times. Babies in particular have difficulty seeing at the beginning and usually only recognise black and white. Once their eyes are a little better developed, it is mainly strong, striking colours that are perceived. That's why there are always collections that are a real eye-catcher in the nursery in terms of colour, turning the campaign motto 'Family is colourful' into 'Fehn is colourful'.

75 years of Fehn: A look back at very special moments!

Since its foundation in 1949 by Arthur Fehn, Fehn has dedicated itself to bringing joy to children and parents through innovative and lovingly designed toys. From the first handmade dolls, mechanical toys, plush toys to the modern, sustainable toys of today - Fehn has always had the needs of families in mind.
Fehn set a milestone in the 1980s with its first production facility in Sri Lanka. In 1995, this strategy was continued and the production company Paradise Toys (Pvt) Ltd was also opened in Sri Lanka. This created the opportunity to produce large quantities efficiently with German quality standards and fair working conditions. Since 1995, the current General Manager Neil Fernando has been in charge of the sites in Sri Lanka and personally ensures on site that the German standards are met and that all raw materials are processed safely.
In 2020, Fehn launched its first purely organic fehnNATUR® collection, which was enthusiastically celebrated by customers. Once again, the company set an example and recognised the desire for ecological raw materials and fairly produced products. fehnNATUR® is now entering its fourth round and has become a bestseller in the Fehn range.

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