We manufacture for the most precious that we have – our children. Quality and safety of our products are therefore essential for us.

In order to be able to guarantee that, we have established two own production plants in Sri Lanka that are manufacturing according to German quality standards. We highly regard our Sri Lankan employees and are taking care of fair working conditions.

All our companies in Germany and abroad are subject to our code of conduct that puts a priority on the respect for and the fairness to our employees and the safety and health at their workplace.

We have implemented a quality management system in Sri Lanka and German that is strictly supervising the sourcing of the raw materials and the manufacturing of our toys. Only materials that meet all testing standards from scratch are released for production.

All our products are tested to safety and harmlessness by leading test institutes in Germany.

We are continuously working on improving ourselves and our products. We therefore attach high value to expert’s reports of independent institutes like “Stiftung Warentest” or “Ökotest”. The results of their tests have a direct impact on our own product development.

The opinion of our customers has the same high importance for us and is taken care of in our management system of continuous quality improvement. For us only the best is good enough – for your benefit and the safety of your baby.

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