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Sweet dreams, my darling!

The new collection from Fehn, 'Gute Nacht' (good night) is a gentle way of helping babies to fall asleep

Image Fehn - ‚Gute Nacht‘ baby

In their first three months of life, babies sleep 16-18 hours a day, which are divided into roughly five phases. This cycle is vital for babies, and enables the little darlings to explore the world afresh every day as well-balanced beings, full of curiosity. However, babies also have to find and develop their own suitable and individual rhythm between their sleeping and waking hours during those early months. To help little ones drift off, the traditional manufacturer, Fehn, based in Upper Franconia, has focused on the theme 'falling asleep' in its new 'Gute Nacht' collection. Not only does it include various cuddly toys and music boxes that babies and young children can take to bed as a sleeping aid; every toy animal has a special 'glow-in-the-dark' thread which emits a soft light in the dark. In addition, Fehn has developed two new cuddly toys, a giraffe and an elephant, which also serve as night lights, and an MP3 mobile that not only lights up, but also plays 10-12 individually selectable melodies.

Good sleep is particularly important for young babies, as it ensures their essential development and balance. So the new collection from Fehn centres around falling asleep.

Snuggle up in bed with a giraffe and elephant!

All the Fehn collections are designed to inspire with original characters and unique designs. The animal world is generally the best source of inspiration, and our sweet animal friends are also included in the new collection. Giraffes and elephants are generally considered the more sedate, easy-going and, in principle, good-natured members of the animal kingdom. With your eyes closed and your nightcap on your head, they are the best night companions and sleeping aids in the new Fehn collection. Whether a cuddleblanket, a grasping toy, a soft toy, a warming grape seed-filled comforter, a Gute Nacht soft book or a baby bumper snake, the small companions are cuddly soft, and are all around you. Delicate colours like light blue, beige, white and grey are combined with accent colours like orange and red, both of which are reminiscent of the African plains, the natural habitat of giraffes and elephants.

Similar to all the Fehn collections, there is so much for babies to explore in the 'Gute Nacht’ range. Soft fabrics like grasping toys and rattles playfully train the baby’s sense of touch and the joy of discovery. Rattles, crinkly paper, squeaky toys and mirrors entertain babies, often with acoustic signals. Cuddly hand puppets or a small giraffe in a carrying bag encourage the play instinct, while the musical mobiles play the most popular lullabies and gently send babies to sleep.

What’s that glowing in the dark?

No sooner has a baby seen the light of day, then it has to contend with the cycles of day and night. Safe in its mother’s tummy, the baby was previously largely protected from excessive brightness and the stark contrasts between light and dark. Now the curtains and shutters can be closed and the baby is suddenly in a pitch-black environment, so a soft light can ease anxiety, making the transition from day to night less abrupt. Fehn has therefore integrated small light components into the new 'Gute Nacht' collection. The special 'glow-in-the-dark’ yarn has been used for each character, which softly glows at night to give the baby some orientation.

But that’s not all. Two toys, a giraffe and an elephant, are not only cuddly toys, but also night lights which emit a soft glow, and which babies can take to bed with them. This enables babies to orientate themselves with their eyes at night and to calm their fears of the dark. Simply remove the night light component to quickly transform the animal into a normal cuddly toy.

The new 15-piece 'Gute Nacht'’ (good night) collection from Fehn makes it easier for babies to fall asleep. Whether lullabies, cuddly toys or soft light - a range of small sleeping aids ensure that babies feel comfortable and secure to enable them to drift off peacefully.

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